Gilsonite in Oil Well Cementing

Wellbore Stabilization

An oil well is made primary to the final well which will be filled later on and also needs to be encased during the primary works. For cementing an oil well, different ways can be used while several include applying of Gilsonite.  The material should be pumped into the well for to encase the piping, therefore applying Gilsonite as a soft rock decreases the material density.

Advantages of Using Gilsonite in Oil Well Cementing:

  • Gilsonite is a soft rock with specific gravity of 1.04. So it can act simply as an easy rock to be pumped down the well.
  • Gilsonite Application will decrease the return of the gases to the surface.
  • The Nature of Gilsonite is adaptable with Oil matters including resins used in cementing.
  • While using High Softening Point Gilsonite (above 180) shall avoid softening of the sand pumping down and keeps the thickening intact.
  • Cementing with Gilsonite significantly decreases the cost of water agents caused by loss of free water.


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