Gilsonite Price per ton can vary in a very wide range depending on the origin and specifications of the product.

International Gilsonite Price:

Depending on the origins, different prices of natural bitumen has been reported and shipped. Also gilsonite suppliers tend to give different prices to different Gilsonite Applications. The below is a Basic Price Idea of Gilsonite from some famous companies in the field:

No. Origin Supplier Average Ash Content (wt%) Delivery Place Gilsonite Bitumen Price


1 USA Siam Luck 1.5% DDP Thailand 2,220
2 USA American Gilsonite 1% CFR West India 1,200
3 China Qingdao Zista Trading 4% FOB Qingdao Port 645
4 Colombia Aventura Services 3% FOB Colombia 550

Iran Gilsonite Price:

Gilsonite Price in Iran is derived of a combined set of factors and variables. Most essential factors is the International exchange rate and China Demand of Iran Gilsonite. Because of unstable exchange rate to Iranian currency (IRR) the Gilsonite prices provided to customers in USD keep changing according to the exchange rate.

Also since Iran Natural Bitumen main market is China and most market share is coming from Chinese Orders, increasing demand in China results in increasing prices by Gilsonite Miners in Iran.

iran gilsonite price

Other affecting factors could be weather conditions. Since most Gilsonite Suppliers from Iran are small companies with lack of capital to have their own storage, during raining season many of these small trading firms (or even person) cannot arrange proper logistics from mine to port. Yet since larger companies with depots of material are part of the market, including Zista Gilsonite, they easily replace this supply lack during raining seasons which keep the FOB Gilsonite price in rational interval nevertheless of bad weather in Mine Area.

Crude Oil price could also affect the price of Natural Bitumen indirectly, as Gilsonite is a major FLC (Fluid Loss Control) additive in Oil Based Drilling muds and a decrease in number of active rigs worldwide could result in a decreasing demand for Gilsonite in this application resulting in price rejects by major buyers of Gilsonite as FLC additive.

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