Gilsonite in Foundry Sands

Lustrous Carbon Gilsonite

In Foundry and Refractories, for molding high value metals there is more attention to factors such as finishing. Gilsonite can be a superior carbon additive replacing the traditional Sea Coal which has low Carbonic value compared to Gilsonite Foundry Grade Specifications.

Gilsonite contains a high content of volatile matter along with the right amount lustrous carbon content resulting in high quality molding. Also applying foundry grade Gilsonite improves the impartation of casting material from the mold.

Foundry sands are compacted to mold shape and they generally contain clay, silica and one carbonaceous material such as Graphite, Sea Coal or Gilsonite. When the casting material is heated in high temperatures for melting, certain gases are released which could be hazardous environmentally and applying Gilsonite tends to decrease this unwanted hazard.

Advantages of Using Gilsonite as an additive in Foundry Sands:

  • Gilsonite Foundry Grade has high Lustrous Carbon Content to achieve a higher quality on the finishing.
  • Having less chemical reactions between the casting and mold causing less deficiency
  • Significant increase in gas generation comparing to Sea Coal in Gilsonite Foundry Grade
  • Zista Gilsonite Foundry Grades have same lustrous carbon content comparing to the American Gilsonite Foundry Grade.


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