Zista Gilsonite: Gilsonite Supplier and Powder Factory

Zista Gilsonite stated its activities in 2008 as a division of Zista Group with supply of the rare mineral of Uintaite also called natural bitumen or Gilsonite from Iran. As second largest Gilsonite supplier of the world, Iranian Gilsonite has shown a great potential of market expansion causing over 60,000 MT of natural bitumen annual exports by 2013 mostly in form of Gilsonite Powder. Zista Gilsonite owning nearly 50% market share has established a Gilsonite Powder factory in order to respond to customers’ needs on different concepts including Packaging, Powdering and Powder Sizes (Mesh) and efficient quality control of the raw material Gilsonite supply in form of lumps.

As a major Gilsonite Supplier, Zista Gilsonite had made upstream investment in mining operations throughout the years and has secured a portion of supply by storing the exploited material at its Powder factory. Such action has provided the chance to be a Gilsonite Supplier during all seasons while other suppliers from Iran tend to lack quantified or qualified supply, especially in winter.

In addition to above, Zista Gilsonite owns a research facility in order to make sure the output of the factory is as per requested specifications and to ensure steady exports of Gilsonite Powder.

Gilsonite and Gilsonite Powder Uses

Gilsonite is exploited from the mine in form of coarse stones (Lumps) and for any usage, it must be processed into powder form. Having proper machinery and powder generator allows a homogenous powder product to be manufactured in different mesh sizes from 20 – 200 Mesh which are commonly applied in different industries.

Gilsonite powder is then applied as a precious additive to the below industries and Zista Gilsonite has a specific grade of specifications for each application:


Application Gilsonite Grade

Raw Material Type

Oil Drilling

Fluid Loss Control Additive – Oil based Muds (OBM)

NB-OI 210 Grahamite

Fluid Loss Control Additive – Water based Muds (WBM)

NB-OI 220

Refined Gilsonite

Cementing Additive NB-OI 100


Bitumen Blending

Hardening Economic Additive

NB-BA 310



Asphalt Binder – Asphalt Modifier

NB-BA 410


Bituminous Membranes

Bituminous Filler

NB-BA 420



Resistance Improvement NB-BA 320 Lake Asphalt


Foundry Sand Additive

NB-FS 500 Grahamite

Inks, Paints and Stains

Coloring Additive

NB-IP 600


At Zista Gilsonite we understand that being a professional Gilsonite Supplier requires technical and economical background and we have been preparing for this since beginning of our action in the field of Gilsonite supply causing setting up Gilsonite Powder Plant and investment in mining sites. The results has been outstanding market share especially in the field of Gilsonite Powder.

Zista Group as a gilsonite supplier has ready cargo of Gilsonite from different origins all year round available for immediate shipment. In case of urgent queries, please check below table ready stock Gilsonite for more information on the available Gilsonite Powder and Lumps cargoes.

Zista gilsonite supplier ready stock

1Ash 10% Gilsonite LumpsDrilling300Qingdao PortInquiry



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