Zista Gilsonite is a division of Zista Group which is dedicated to international Gilsonite trading. Zista Gilsonite as one of gilsonite suppliers, supply comes from several countries including Iran, China and until few years back from Albania as well.

Zista Gilsonite is proud to announce the worldwide availability of its supply, while providing goods to customers in over 20 countries. The key point to our success is FULL CONTROL OF THE GILSONITE RESOURCES from each origin of supply.

Zista’s success in controlling the Gilsonite resources can only happen through supervising the mine sites, while packaging being done by Zista trained personnel and facilities, to make sure the quality of our Gilsonite supply remains steady and as promised. We currently possess two manufacturing and packaging sites, one in Iran and the other in China, plus a research center to verify technical aspects of our supply. Zista Gilsonite characteristics are completely checked because the material can be found and supplied in many forms, based on customers’ needs i.e. in lumps, in powders, low soluble or having high solubility in Oil matters. Also Gilsonite comes in different ash contents and softening points for different application methods.

By utilizing a full quality control and enjoying a strong international network of agents and distributors, Zista Gilsonite has successfully gained a large market share worldwide, with a variety of product applications especially in drilling muds, bitumen blending and asphalt binding.
Purchasing our Gilsonite is simple. The supply comes straight from the mines and most importantly is guaranteed by third party inspection companies. Zista technical team also assures the Gilsonite quality, who is backed up by Zista Group. We can provide cargo tracing from manufacturing sites to final destination of end-user. Any delivery term to international destinations is possible, and the product quality is surveyed and insured by Zista Group of companies.

Iran Gilsonite Export

China Gilsonite Export