American Gilsonite

Gilsonite or Uintaite was discovered by Native Americans civilization and around 1800 it was introduced to civilized world and explored for the first time officially. Since then different entities in USA have been researching and developing this item for 200 years.

Most famous certified company from USA is American Gilsonite Company (AGC) which is founded by Chevron Company and owns 50% of American Gilsonite exports. AGC also owns major shares of natural bitumen (Grahamite) deposit in Utah province. Also American Gilsonite has obtained the shares of some of his competitors such as Ziegler Chemicals to have more control of the market while AGC alone is exporting Gilsonite to more than 50 countries, mostly in Europe and Latin America.

Comparison of American Gilsonite with Iranian Gilsonite

Gilsonite Quality Comparison Origin Geologic Generic


Ash Content Range


Bitumen Content

(wt.% solvable in TCE)

Softening Point

(° celcuis)

Sulfur Content
Color in Mass Color in Powder Gilsonite Price Range


American Gilsonite Crude Oil Grahamite 0.5-1.5% 95-98% 140-170 <1% Black Brownish 800-1,500
Iran Gilsonite Crude Oil Grahamite 3-30% 50-98% 160-220 6-10% Black Brownish 150-700


As mentioned above, while American Gilsonite Price is much more expensive than Iranian Gilsonite, the superior characteristics for USA Gilsonite are undeniable, especially on Ash and Sulfur content. Still for many end-users the Iranian Gilsonite could be workable as proven in the Oil Drilling Industry and at Zista Gilsonite we have worked our way to provide the suitable Iranian Gilsonite to its own suitable application by researching the REAL requirements of Gilsonite in an application and NOT based on what are the conventional specs advertised by American Gilsonite.

american gilsonite

During our efforts, we could provide suitable Iranian Gilsonite materials to Oil Industry, Foundry Industry in Asia and Europe from Iran to replace American Gilsonite and also for Ink & Paints application, Zista Gilsonite is providing a Chinese Natural Bitumen suitable for exactly the same application, based on proven tests in China; with price relatively lower than AGC.

Also Iranian Gilsonite is 100% natural and gift of mother nature, while based on documents released a few years back, American Gilsonite company is IMPORTING Colombian Natural bitumen from certain exporters in Colombia (with ash content up to 5% an Sulfur around 3%) which could be a proof that American Gilsonite product is a refined and Not a natural product, resulting in such superior specifications and high costs.