Gilsonite is a common name for a Group of Solid Bitumen Minerals called Grahamite with Generic name of Natural Bitumen. Below is diagram of all Solid Bitumen materials categorized by end of 20th century:


what is gilsonite:

Basically, Grahamite or Gilsonite is a SOLID MINERAL BITUMEN which is categorized by geologists as SOLVABLE material in OIL solvents, such as CS2, TCE & CCL4.


Solid Bitumen including Gilsonite goes by different names across the globe depending on the local names given and the industry which is the main consumer of natural bitumen. Below is an overview of the different names given to Natural Bitumen:

  • USA: Gilsonite, Uintaite or Uinitite
  • Canada: Albertite
  • Latin America: Asphaltite or Asfaltita
  • Trinidad: Lake Asphalt
  • China: Bituminous Rock, Pyrobitumen
  • Middle East & India: Natural Asphalt, Asphaltum

All above names refer to a certain product that can be categorized as above table depending on the characteristics of the mineral which varies from one origin to another.

Gilsonite has wide area of application depending on these specifications while it has superior advantages to many substitute materials (for example sea coal in Foundry) as it is originated from Crude Oil – Unlike Pyrobitumens – and many aromatic or aliphatic components of Crude Oil exist within the Natural Bitumen Molecular Structure.

Apart from all the points, price is one of the important parameters for choosing any product. Gilsonite Price is derived of a combined set of factors and variables. the price of iran gilsonite Because of unstable exchange rate to Iranian currency (IRR) the Gilsonite prices provided to customers in USD keep changing according to the exchange rate.

The key to applying and taking advantages of these superior characteristics is based on knowing the conditions of Blend & Formulation of the product as an additive/raw material in each certain application from Oil Drilling and Foundry to more delicate ones such as Inks, Paints & Stains.