Gilsonite Packaging

Packing Gilsonite

For best customer satisfaction, Zista Gilsonite provides a wide range of packaging methods and materials in order to fulfill different requirements in different regions. zista Gilsonite offers the best Gilsonite packaging to customers at special prices (see gilsonite price for more info). Packaged Gilsonite is mostly available in the export market, and very large countries use this product.

Our available packaging is:

  • Jumbo Bags – Meltable 25 kg PP Bags – 25 kg Paper Bag – Pallets – Wooden Crates
  • The meltable bags are resolved at 170 degrees Celsius in the bitumen mix acting as stabilizer.
  • The paper bags are recyclable paper to adapt to HSE regulations.
  • Also Zista Gilsonite is proud to supply Asphalt Lake in powder form for most convenient logistics approach.