Long Distance Transport

Transporting Gilsonite

Gilsonite is best served Containerized.

Throughout the years Zista Gilsonite has tested many different methods of Gilsonite transportation including Bulk, Drums, Truck, and Truck Mixers. There is also historical experience of pumping Gilsonite through Pipes in USA which failed significantly.

It is proven by experience for any Gilsonite Supplier from any origin that best possible transport tare is Container Shipment with properly packaged product at the Gilsonite Manufacturer site. With the proper container stuffing and packaging it is also possible to use 20/40 FCL for more economical approach as per shipping route allows.

At Zista Gilsonite every shipment logistics and packaging is designed specifically for the client requirement and shipping route resulting in best possible CFR/DAP delivery offers and least possible leakage of the Gilsonite mineral within the container and at the discharge location.