Gilsonite in Paints and Stains industry

gilsonite in paint

Generally using Bituminous paints is a known and common procedure for certain painting which requires weather or corrosion resistance and it is a very economical approach in many industries such as foundry to use bituminous paint.


Considering the low quality of bituminous paint, in certain applications there is a requirement of using a BITUMINOUS PRODUCT but with superior quality which results in applying Gilsonite in Paint as an additive, since Gilsonite preserves the Bituminous properties while having proper physical characteristics to be controlled and spread (or sprayed) properly on any surface, unlike any other bituminous paint.

Gilsonite in Paint

gilsonite in paint industry

Considering its unique properties – caused by millions of years of natural occurrences underground – applying Gilsonite in Paint results in excellent bonding with almost any material to create a protective coating paint. using of gilsonite in paint is one the most important of gilsonite applications. Gilsonite in paint industry is used as an additive with relatively lower costs compering to additives with similar performance which has caused its high usage in pipe coatings, anticorrosive paints and underbody paints in several industries including vehicle industry and pipe manufacturing.

Gilsonite in Wood Stains

When applying Gilsonite in Wood Stains, the actively bituminous content of the Gilsonite acts as a binder with the wood surface making a strong finish that is less likely to fade. At the same time, the coloring effects of Gilsonite provides a higher resolution colors to the pigment.

Advantage of using Gilsonite in Paint

The advantages of using Gilsonite in Paint are numerous; still the below can summarize most of the Gilsonite Advantages in Paint and Stains:

  • Superior bonding characteristics
  • Highest resistant to pigment fading comparing to other paint additives
  • Possibility to make transparent pigments while preserving quality aspects
  • Stable against UV lighting
  • Providing a deep and rich coloring to wood stains

The proper grades of Gilsonite in Paint are Gilsonite Selects 325 and Gilsonite Selects 347 which is supplied by Zista Gilsonite from special mines in Iran along with a proper and high tech processing of the material in our China facility.


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