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Gilsonite Sealer and Gilsonite Driveway Sealer

Gilsonite Sealer For Asphalt Pavements, a Seal Coating material called pavement sealer is applied. Sealer is a protective liquid coating. Pavement Sealer is applied to asphalt pavements surface to protect it against environmental corrosion effects. Gilsonite can used to make asphalt pavement sealers as raw material liquidized into a bituminous soft material in a suspension […]

Gilsonite Vs. TLA

What is TLA TLA stands for Trinidad Lake Asphalt which is one kind of natural bitumen deposits with relatively higher ash content and less bitumen content, mostly found in form of pitch lakes. Most famous Lake asphalt in the world is Trinidad Lake asphalt while deposits have been found in other countries including Iran. Unlike […]

Trinidad Lake Asphalt

Description to Trinidad Lake Asphalt Trinidad Lake Asphalt commonly called TLA is among the oldest resources of asphalt products going back to 100 years. The expression applies to Natural Bitumen Lake (pitch Lake) located in south west of Trinidad. The Lake is over 40 hectares which the Lake asphalt has surfaced and is ready to […]

Asphalt Binder

An overview on Asphalt Binder asphalt binder also called asphalt cement binder, is a binder to keep the aggregates together like paste in asphalt mixes. In each asphalt cement there are several ingredients including sands and gravels which are applied in several layers. Asphalt Binder keeps these layers intact individually and also binds the layers […]

What is Asphalt?

The word Asphalt originally derived from latinization of the Greek work Asphaltos and based on late latin words asphalton or asphaltum. In ancient civilizations asphalt is used for pasting cement joints and in the Middle East it was vastly used for road paving and waterproofing which are current major applications of asphalt. Basically asphalt is […]

Gilsonite in Paints and Stains industry

Generally using Bituminous paints is a known and common procedure for certain painting which requires weather or corrosion resistance and it is a very economical approach in many industries such as foundry to use bituminous paint. Considering the low quality of bituminous paint, in certain applications there is a requirement of using a BITUMINOUS PRODUCT […]

Utah Gilsonite Mine

History of Gilsonite in Utah Gilsonite was firstly known by Native Americans in the Utah area which then were offered to White-Men as coal for blacksmithing. Since using Gilsonite instead of coal is hazardous, the material soon became famous and several people including Samuel Gilson started working on development of material for different industries. Eventually […]