Gilsonite in Inks, Paints & Stains

Gilsonite can be added to bituminous paints to increase characteristics such as UV stability, hardness and water resistance. Basically Gilsonite application in Paints and Stains will provide a longer lasting paint which hardly reacts with unwanted elements providing a better final product.

Gilsonite in Ink industry is used basically as Carbon Black Dispersion Ink Additive considering the specifications of Gilsonite to be highly solvable in natural and synthetic oils. In black Inks, Gilsonite Selects a better approach naturally to bond well with the paper and provides a more sustainable print.

Advantages of Using Gilsonite in inks, paints & stains:

  • Excellent Bonding of Gilsonite with other materials.
  • Cheaper than other additives for the same application
  • Adding longevity to Paints and making stronger stains.
  • Gilsonite reacts with paper pigment to provide rub-resistant print.
  • UV Light stability


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